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Two quick site announcements.

First, after years of dealing with lost messages and spam promising to increase my google page rankings, I’ve put my ancient contact form out of its misery and replaced with with a simple enkoder protected email address. If you’re waiting to hear from me on something and haven’t your message was one of the many that got eaten and you’ll need to resend it.

Second, I’m reversing years of policy by giving commenting a try around here. I get the occasional correction on articles via email and twitter, but too often a small (but hugely important) typo/error/edge-case will exist that’s blocking thousands of people, not one of whom is invested enough to let me know. My hope is comments improve the quality of the articles I’m writing, and let me get the know the sorts of people who are landing here.

I also plan on being a righteous control freak when it comes to comment moderation, so don’t be a dick. If you run into any problem with either of the above site features, yell at me via Twitter.

More actually-exciting announcements coming soon, so stay tuned!

Originally published March 28, 2011

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Originally Posted: 28th March 2011