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Below you'll find all the Uncategorized articles on the site, followed by a chronological listing of the same. You may also browse the 7 series directly via the following links. Miscellaneous Magento Articles, SugarCRM for PHP MVC Developers, Magento 2: Advanced Javascript, Magento 2 UI Components, Accelerated Mobile Pages, Pestle, and, Sylius for Magento and PHP Developers.

Miscellaneous Magento Articles

  1. Magento Front Controller
  2. Reinstalling Magento Modules
  3. Clearing the Magento Cache
  4. Magento's Class Instantiation Abstraction and Autoload
  5. Magento Development Environment
  6. Logging Magento's Controller Dispatch
  7. Magento Configuration Lint
  8. Slides from Magento Developer's Paradise
  9. Generated Magento Model Code
  10. Magento Knowledge Base
  11. Magento Connect Role Directories
  12. Magento Base Directories
  13. PHP Error Handling and Magento Developer Mode
  14. Magento Compiler Mode
  15. Magento: Standard OOP Still Applies
  16. Magento: Debugging with Varien Object
  17. Generating Google Sitemaps in Magento
  18. IE9 fix for Magento
  19. Magento's Many 404 Pages
  20. Magento Quickies
  21. Commerce Bug in Magento CE 1.6
  22. Welcome to Magento: Pre-Innovate
  23. Magento's Global Variable Design Patterns
  24. Magento 2: Factory Pattern and Class Rewrites
  25. Magento Block Lifecycle Methods
  26. Goodnight and Goodluck
  27. Magento Attribute Migration Generator
  28. Fixing Magento Flat Collections with Chaos
  29. Pulse Storm Launcher in Magento Connect
  30. StackExchange and the Year of the Site Builder
  31. Scaling Magento at Copious
  32. Incremental Migration Scripts in Magento
  33. A Better Magento 404 Page
  34. Anatomy of the Magento PHP 5.4 Patch
  35. Validating a Magento Connect Extension
  36. Magento Cross Area Sessions
  37. Review of Grokking Magento
  38. Imagine 2014: Magento 1.9 Infinite Theme Fallback
  39. Magento Ultimate Module Creator Review
  40. Magento Imagine 2014: Parent/Child Themes
  41. Early Magento Session Instantiation is Harmful
  42. Using Squid for Local Hostnames on iPads
  43. Magento, Varnish, and Turpentine

SugarCRM for PHP MVC Developers

  1. Sugar CRM Hello World for PHP Developers
  2. SugarCRM Models
  3. Sugar CRM Model Auditing

Magento 2: Advanced Javascript

  1. Magento 2: Javascript Init Scripts
  2. KnockoutJS Primer for Magento Developers
  3. Magento 2: KnockoutJS Integration
  4. The Curious Case of Magento 2 Mixins
  5. Knockout Observables for Javascript Programmers
  6. Modifying a jQuery Widget in Magento 2

Magento 2 UI Components

  1. Magento 2: Introducing UI Components
  2. Magento 2: Simplest UI Component
  3. Magento 2: Simplest UI Knockout Component
  4. Magento 2: Simplest XSD Valid UI Component
  5. Magento 2: ES6 Template Literals
  6. Magento 2: uiClass Data Features
  7. Magento 2: UI Component Data Sources
  8. Magento 2: UI Component Retrospective
  9. Observables, uiElement Objects, and Variable Tracking
  10. Magento 2: uiElement Features and Checkout Application
  11. Magento 2: Remaining uiElement Defaults
  12. Magento 2: Knockout.js Template Primer
  13. Magento 2 UI Component Code Generation

Accelerated Mobile Pages

  1. Bookmarklet to Redirect from AMP URLs to Real URLs


  1. Pestle 1.1.1 Released
  2. Pestle 1.1.2 Released
  3. Magento 2 Setup Migration Scripts
  4. Pestle 1.2.1 Released
  5. Sending Text Messages with PHP, pestle, and Nexmo
  6. Pestle 1.3 and AbstractModel UI Generation
  7. Pestle 1.4.1 and the Merits of Inheritance
  8. Pestle 1.4.2 Now Available

Sylius for Magento and PHP Developers

  1. Five First Impressions of the Sylius eCommerce System
  2. Symfony's Service Container
  3. Symfony: Autowiring Services
  4. A Brief Look at Every Symfony Service Configuration

Symfony: Autowiring Services

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Sylius for Magento and PHP Developers. Earlier posts include Five First Impressions of the Sylius eCommerce System, and Symfony's Service Container. Later posts include A Brief Look at Every Symfony Service Configuration. Last time we covered the basics of Symfony’s service container. The [...]


Symfony’s Service Container

This entry is part 2 of 4 in the series Sylius for Magento and PHP Developers. Earlier posts include Five First Impressions of the Sylius eCommerce System. Later posts include Symfony: Autowiring Services, and A Brief Look at Every Symfony Service Configuration. Symfony is a configuration based framework, and a framework that’s [...]


Fuzzing PHP

Fuzzers are a category of security testing software that will throw all sorts of random data at a software system looking for flaws that can then be exploited by individual penetration testers. Sort of like throwing a bunch of paint around the room trying to find the invisible man. I found this talk about a PHP Internals Fuzzer from [...]


Git Move

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When I’m working solo, (which usually means I’m doing the initial scoping and prototyping of some sort of feature and/or system), my “git workflow” is usually a shove it all into master affair. When I switch off to team work I often find myself in a situation where I’ve done a done of work without branching first. That’s where git move comes to the rescue. Okay, one more… Ever commit something only to immediately realize that you're on the wrong branch? Use "git move <branch>". — coderabbi™[for rent] (@coderabbi) September 4, 2017


Calling them Home

With all the Yahoo and Verizon shenanigans going on I decided to pull my Magento Quickies posts off Tumblr and hold them close again at my personal home page. You can find all the old posts in the Programming Quickies category. DNS is doing its DNS thing, but should eventually redirect to that same category [...]


Re: A Declarative Approach for Database Schema Upgrades

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Re: A Declarative Approach for Database Schema Upgrades It sounds like Magento’s planning a pretty radical overhaul of how it handles schema and data upgrades between versions. The looks to be a fiat from on high (vs. the community driven approach they’ve been using for bug fixes). If you’re making schema/data changes that aren’t in Magento’s core or Marketplace code bases, you’ll want to pay attention to this – your deck chairs may need shifting about.


Reserved Words in Magento 2 URL  Paths

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Reserved Words in Magento 2 URL  Paths A StackExchange self answer where I use a plugin to work around the reserved-PHP-symbol-in-class-name problem that can plague Magento 2 URL routing. What’s extra baffling about this is Magento has a fix coded up, but only applies it to one URL segment. I suspect this is less baffling if you can gives up the idea that Magento 2 should retain its the rapid application prototyping roots of its ancestors.


Magento 2 – Form Validation

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Magento 2 – Form Validation A StackExchange post that contains most (all?) of the CSS classes that can control Magento 2’s form validation. Magento seems to apply the validation rules on all form submits – although I haven’t dug too deeply into that one so caveat emptor etc. Also, a bonus for folks who read these Tumblr desciptions — here’s a quick bit of javascript that will take M1 style HTML and make all the fields required in an M2 context. require(['jquery'], function($){ $('.required-entry').each(function(key, element){ $(element).attr('required','required'); }); }); Useful if you have a complex form built with a combination of […]