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Next Time, I’ll Pay Attention


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Your IP Adress is: An older feature, disabled in this age of rugged, clumsy CMS systems.

If you’d been smart enough to register, and smart enough to make the URL do what one would think it should do, then you’d be $386,000 U.S. dollars richer today, minus attorney fees.

I’ve been having serious dot com envy today. I was too young (not really) and insecure (ding) to take advantage of the gold rush, and I’m getting to the point where having a house of my own would be nice. Instead I blew my early internet years on celebrity worship.

Which isn’t the point. The point is there’s no telling what’s going to happen to the site now that’s it’s under new ownership. Some have recommended using IP Chicken. I say, setup a page on your PHP enabled Apache web server with the following code


Which will do exactly what did. That code is worth 1/3 of a million dollars. I give it freely, and of my own will, to you.

If you’re not using apache, the Remote Address environmental variable is probably still available. Execute the following PHP code and view source (for formating) to find the correct key


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Originally Posted: 24th February 2005