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A dandy little python script that will take a screenshot of (almost*) any website. It uses Webkit, so it’s OS X only.

* – I say almost because when I tried to take a screenshot of google, the main google image didn’t show up. I’m guessing webkit2png won’t work with sites that do a refer/user-agent check before giving you a file)

Update: Go Intorblogsphereweb!. Paul Hammond read my post and fixed the bug, It turns out my guess about refer/user-agent checking was off base, and it was some obscure Webkit behavior that caused the bug.

Update 2: Paranoidfish suffered a hard drive crash and Paul hasn’t had (time|desire) to resurrect anything, including the above mentioned python script.

Fortunately, Google’s infamous cache comes to the rescue again. The Python script itself can be found here and don’t forget the original project page with instructions on installing it.

(Copy the entire script (from the “#!/usr/bin/env python” line to the end) into a text file and save it)

Update 3: Looks like it’s back online again

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Originally Posted: 12th September 2004