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Upgrading Magento 2: var/generation


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I just grabbed the latest Magento 2 from source, and suddenly PHP was complaining about a method declaration

PHP Fatal error: Declaration of MagentoCoreModelUrlProxy::setRequest() must be compatible with MagentoUrlInterface::setRequest(MagentoAppRequestInterface $request) in /Users/alanstorm/Documents/apache-git/github-magento2-10-4-2013/magento2/var/generation/Magento/Core/Model/Url/Proxy.php on line 8

Even stranger, the class MagentoCoreModelUrlProxy is no longer a part of the latest Magento source code.

Taking a closer look at the error revealed the problem


It looks like Magento 2 is doing some sort of code generation/caching in the var/generation folder. Removing this folder (and it’s generated classes) appears to have cleared up the problem.

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Originally Posted: 2nd November 2013