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Treehouse Layoffs


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The Portland Business journal has a short story on the local (Portland, OR) Treehouse layoffs. This quote jumped out at me.

However, [Ryan] Carson said the company has learned that the $25-a-month product is not “the most effective way to empower people to get jobs in tech in the future.”

Which — doesn’t surprise me. Developing this sort of content is expensive and you’re competing with a lot of individuals giving things away for free or running solo-entrepreneur businesses. There’s also no reason for folks to stay subscribed for long once they’ve landed that job. (I’ll spare you my side-eye on the idea of software platforms ever becoming stable enough for the job to be purely vocational).

Of course, it’s easy enough to say that now — business is weird and the only way to know these sorts of things is to try. It’s a pity we haven’t figured out a way of trying that doesn’t force the real trauma of being laid off onto generation after generation of enthusiastic tech workers.

If you’re hiring, I’ve created a public twitter list of Treehouse employees — lots of talented folks in there looking for their next job. You know what to do.

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Originally Posted: 6th June 2019