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The Code Generation that Never Was


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Today’s link comes via Process Eight, via my Patreon slack room. It’s slides from a old Magento 2 talk, made prior to the release of Magento 2. The talk itself seems to have been taken offline.

The code generation the slides refers to is Magento’s automatic code generation that happens behind the scenes when you use a class, named a certain way, that doesn’t exist, in an automatic constructor dependency injection constructor.

If you’ve peeked under the covers of Magento 2 you’ve probably seen generated code like Interceptors, Proxies, etc., but Magento 2 shipped with a bunch of other vestigial code generators left active, but seemingly unexplained and without purpose. I’ve long wondered what there were for, and this talk offers brief glimpses of functionality that never made it into the framework (despite being presented as a matter of fact thing — an important lesson if you’re going to listen to Magento engineering talks)

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Originally Posted: 19th June 2019