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Stupid Product Pricing


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I get economy of scale, supply/demand and all that jazz, but I still think it’s pretty asinine when Apple’s older, original AirPort cards are more expensive (almost by half if you’re paying full price) than the new AirPort Extreme cards.

Apple stopped offering the older cards for retail sale, so you can only get them if retailers have left-over stock, or if they order them as part of a repair service. This creates a “false” scarcity which drives up the price.

This wouldn’t be so much of a problem if there was a way to use the newer cards with Apple’s older hardware, say like my G3 iBook. I guess Apple didn’t see this as a problem since the displays and/or logic boards on most iBooks will conk out sooner rather than later.

Those $600 Thinkpads look mighty tempting1.

1. Not really though, considering that Lenovo just bought out IBM, so who knows if they still make a quality product. (At $600, I doubt it. Unless they’re selling off old stock) grumble

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Originally Posted: 25th August 2005