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I’m Alan Storm, this is my website. I’m a programmer, and I write about that here. Sometimes people pay me to program things. I also own a tiny technology publishing company. If I had to describe my job I’d say I help other programmers do their jobs better, and help companies effectively use complicated technology. I also might say I tell stories about code, but only after a few drinks on days where I’m feeling fancy.

I’m most well known for my Magento work. I sell a Magento debugging extension called Commerce Bug and an ebook on the Magento layout system. If you’re developing or administering Magento systems you should buy these things. They will make you happy. If you charge hourly they will make you money.

I have have myriad open source projects. Most recently I created a programmer’s 404 page for Magento, and added a command to the popular n98-magerun tool for running setup resource scripts incrementally.

I write less formal programming tips on my “quickies” sites. There’s the inevitable Magento Quickies site, but I also have one for the new Symfony based OroCRM/OroBAP platform, and started a WordPress site before I came to my senses.

I spend part of my day playing the character of a grumpy old man on Twitter, and a helpful old man on the various Stack Exchange sites.

--- end transmission --- ^D

Originally published January 13, 2014

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Originally Posted: 13th January 2014