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Simple PHP Job Queue


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If you following my grumblings on twitter you know I’ve been putting off learning a distributed version control system for a while now because CHANGE BAD, SAME GOOD. Well, the future has managed to pull me outside kicking and screaming, and I’ve released a small bit of code on GitHub for a PHP Job Queue that’s based on the Zend Framework’s messaging queue hierarchy.

This isn’t a replacement for Zend Platform’s job queues, it’s just a simple exercise in meta-programming and a concept I’ve used on a few gigs to deal with offline processing when a more mature system wasn’t available.

I’ve also released a screencast that covers setting up the project.

Feedback (either on the project itself, git, or the screencast) is welcome through the usual channels.

Originally published February 4, 2010

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Originally Posted: 4th February 2010