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Shutting Down my Patreon Campaign


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According to this here web site, I launched my Patreon page back in 2016. It was a weird year for me professionally, and the Patreon campaign helped bridge an income gap while I figured out what to do next while I was rewriting No Frills Magento Layout for the recently released Magento 2 (still for sale!). I’m extraordinarily grateful to anyone and everyone’s who’s subscribed over the past 5 years.

When I look out at the current Magento landscape I see — a lot I don’t really understand. Some of it looks good, some of it looks bad, but most of it’s unfamiliar to me beyond the surface level. It’s hard to justify charging for access to a Patreon slack where I’m your trail guide when I don’t know the trail like I used to. It’s with some weird feelings that I’ve decided to go through with shuttering the Patreon.

Pulse Storm (and Commerce Bug, and No Frills Magento Layout) will continue for as long as they remain relevant, and I’ll probably have the occasional thing to say about Magento as the years roll on. That said, if you’re looking for an expert to bail out your Magento consulting project, that person is no longer me.

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Originally Posted: 25th October 2021