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Quick Thoughts on Magento 2


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At a partner only event in Chicago, members of eBay’s Magento team renewed their support for Magento 2. A few of the usual suspects were there, and a more general announcement has been promised. As for a release date? The usual.

It’s interesting to look back to the Magento Developer’s Paradise conference in 2010, which is (I believe) the first time Magento publicly announced a “Magento 2”. Skip to the 55 minute mark mark.

Roughly, three years ago “Magento 2” was

Looking over that list, much of this is in the Magento 2 code base, but more interestingly some of the more important bits (RDMS, TAF) have trickled into the Magento 1 code base, and still more of it has been back filled to Magento 1 by third parties.

It’d be easy to cynically look at the latest Magento 2 announcement as pure marketing — just career executives carving out personal goals from an acquired startup. Even if that is the case (and it isn’t, because nothing’s that simple), I’m not too worried about Magento’s immediate future. The Magento ecosystem is an odd mix of programmers, business people, designers, and marketers who routinely surpass what any individual organization does with the platform.

For businesses who need to control their technology platform, Magento remains the number one choice. That’s reason enough to stick around and see what’s next.

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Originally Posted: 4th October 2013