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Pulse Storm Site Refreshed


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After over a decade on the 2010 version of Square Space I decided it was time to migrate my company’s tiny little website over to the new version of Square Space — the hegemony of black text on a white background comes for us all. Hats off to Square Space for keeping the old platform around for for commoditizing the bespoke website for regular people. Not having to worry about my contact form breaking is worth the price alone.

With Magento fully released from it’s enterprise chrysalis Pulse Storm’s become more of a hobby for me — but it’s in the black, the products still work and are still helpful, and the company mostly runs itself. We’re clearly in “how much blood, exactly, is left in this stone” territory — but bleeding stones are interesting.

It’s still mildly upsetting to me when I think of what was lost on the open source side of things with Magento — but nothing good lasts forever. It’s probably a good reminder to treasure and pay attention to what you have while it’s there.

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Originally Posted: 8th September 2020