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Book: Professional XML

By: Didier Martin, Mark Birbeck, Michael Kay, Brian Loesgen, Jon Pinnock, Steven Livingston, Peter Stark, Kevin Williams, Richard Anderson, Stephen Mohr, David Baliles, Bruce Peat, Nikola Ozu

Wrox was definitely one of those imprints that seemed to be serving the customer, possibly mythical, who needed to learn some new technology and would immediately grab the thickest book they could find on the shelf in order to get their money’s worth.

I never got a lot of value out of their Professional line of books. Professional usually meant one of two things

  1. You will need to java
  2. We are not holding your hand when it comes to our examples

My experience with this particular book was some skimming and then feeling guilty because I didn’t know how to get a java development environment up and running to use their examples.

The other thing that strikes me, looking at this book in 2021, is the thirteen listed authors and wondering how the royalties and advances split on something like that. Or maybe there were no royalties or advances and getting your name and headshot on a Wrox books was it’s own sort of payment?

Also — thirteen authors but only twelve headshots! Who got left out?

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Originally Posted: 9th September 2021