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Product Status is Not a Boolean


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Let’s say you have a product object

$p = Mage::getProduct('catalog/product')->load(3425);

You can get the value of the product’s status with the magic getter method or the getData method.


However, the return value of this method is not a boolean. The value of a product object’s status (Enabled, Disable by default) is the numerical value of the select in the admin. A false status means a status value isn’t set. It doesn’t mean that the status is disabled

    echo "No Status Set";
else if($p->getStatus() == 1)
    echo "Status: Enabled";
else if($p->getStatus() == 2)
    echo "Status: Disabled";

Not rocket science, but one of those little gotchas that can easily trip you up.

Update: Fabian over on the twitters points out that there’s class constants for the various status values.


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Originally Posted: 10th October 2011