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Pestle Now has a selfupdate Command


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For folks using pestle, my PHP command line frameworking + Magento code generation tool, I’ve just added a selfupdate command. This will make a backup of your current version, grab the latest version, and update your local copy (permissions allowing, of course)

$ pestle.phar selfupdate
Downloaded to /private/tmp/pestle_DZOXou
Backing up /Users/alanstorm/Documents/github_private/GeneralCode/bin/pestle.phar to /Users/alanstorm/Documents/github_private/GeneralCode/bin/pestle.phar.1472763047
Backed up current pestle to /Users/alanstorm/Documents/github_private/GeneralCode/bin/pestle.phar.1472763047
Reaplced /Users/alanstorm/Documents/github_private/GeneralCode/bin/pestle.phar

Next up along these lines is formalizing the concept of pestle versions and adding some sort of “you haven’t updated in 30 days and there’s a new version” feature.

I don’t have any regrets about setting out to create my own CLI framework, but it really makes me appreciate everything you get “for free” from somethings like Symfony console.

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Originally Posted: 1st September 2016