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Pestle 1.4.4 Released


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Just a quick note that Pestle 1.4.4 is live and in the world, and that you probably don’t need to upgrade, but you should. You can run

$ pestle.phar selfupdate

or just download the new .phar directly

curl -LO

This release serves two purposes. The first? Taking care of some bit-rot we uncovered during the ongoing documentation work. We had a mis-categorized command, AND just noticed that it wasn’t possible to import code for “local” module sources configured via the ~/.pestle/module-folders.json file. We regret, and have fixed, the errors.

The second purpose? We’re experimenting with a more often release cadence, and would like to get to the point of continuous deployment. Step 1 is doing our first release in over a year. It’s an abbreviated release with only 4 issues, but why wait? Upgrade today.

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Originally Posted: 6th August 2019