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Pestle 1.1.1 Released


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Hot on the heels of pestle 1.1, I’ve just released the inevitable pestle 1.1.1. Pestle users should be able to

pestle selfupdate

and be good to go.

Things in this release include

The magento2:generate:full_module command it probably the most interesting for folks new to pestle. If you give this command a package name, module name, and model name, it generates the individual pestle commands needed to create the module

$ pestle.phar magento2:generate:full_module

This command output is a working bash script, which means you’re less than 15 seconds away from a working Magento 2 module with working admin forms.

$ pestle.phar magento2:generate:full_module >
$ chmod +x ./
$ ./    

Too much reading? Here’s a screencast to show you how it works

If there’s something about pestle you don’t like, or you’d like to help out, head on over to GitHub and checkout the weekly-ish sprints. We’ll be trying to knock out between three to five issues a week to sand off the rough edges on pestle’s model generation, and bring pestle into line w/r/t being a well behaved CLI program.

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Originally Posted: 21st February 2017