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Overview of Apple’s OCSP Outage


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If you had trouble starting applications or saw a lot of “beach-balling” on your Mac last week it’s almost certain that Apple’s OCSP service was to blame. This article from Jeff Johnson (an independent Mac and iOS developer) gives a good high level overview of the problem before jumping into some equally good deep level details.

Given Developer ID has been a thing since 2012 it’s remarkable that something like this hasn’t happened before. Based on this Twitter thread it sounds like a failed OCSP check isn’t always grounds for denying an application starting, so maybe it’s just latency from the OCSP service that’s the problem? It’s going to be a tough month for whomever’s responsible for those services.

There’s also a lot of Apple is Big Brother energy out there about this, which I’ve long had filed away in things I don’t like but seem sadly inevitable bucket.

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Originally Posted: 17th November 2020