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The brave, the foolish and The Press� spent the weekend upgrading their Macs to the latest version of Apple’s operating System, OS X 10.4 (also known as “Tiger”).

Those of us who rely on our computer not exploding to get work done will be waiting a few weeks before taking the plunge.

ars technica, as per usual, has a moster review of the OS. I’m a little disappointed they didn’t check it out on a g3 machine this year, which leaves me to wonder how it will run on my ancient iBook.

I know, I know, upgrade. I don’t have the same relationship with credit cards as some Mac enthusiasts.

King unofficial Apple columnist John Gruber is keeping a weblog of little details about the OS, which will likely prove indispensable. Gruber’s linked list will probably be Tiger heavy for a few weeks as well. Most interesting so far is Apple has chosen to license the Microsoft Core Web Fonts despite officially dropping IE 5. It’s a smart move by Apple, since these fonts are the de facto standard for typography on the web.

I’m actually kind of ambivalent about this upgrade. 10.2 was the first usable OS X, while 10.3 was the first time it felt like a solid product. Some of the new features in Tiger look interesting, but relearning an OS due to Apple’s arbitrary and non-arbitrary changes is a giant hassle.

Still, it beats being a Windows user.

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Originally Posted: 2nd May 2005