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One Line Magento 2 Package Install


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The ExtDN group, a collection of Magento extension vendors trying to keep the platform a reasonable place for extension vendors to do good work, have released an open source and vendor neutral project that will give you “one line installation” of any composer managed Magento extension. (you can even install it via homebrew)

That this exists is great — that is needs to exist is pretty silly. One of the early signs that Magento 2 was not going to go the way a lot of people thought it would was how hard they dropped the ball on installing packages and extensions to the system. The GUI interface (not installed by default and not available if you were serving Magento out of pub/) failed to catch on and the multiple mode, multiple step command line installation process continues to confuse many of Magento’s traditional users to this day. Magento essentially shifted the support burden for this incomplete part of their system onto partner agencies and the extension vendors themselves.

It was a pretty judo move from a business standpoint, but the product has suffered tremendously because of it.

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Originally Posted: 29th January 2020