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Notes on Magento 2 Routing


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Not a comprehensive guide, and as always, let the core module’s be your guide.

  1. Router configuration has been moved from config.xml to etc/frontend/routes.xml and etc/backend/routes.xml

  2. There’s still a routerName/frontName distinction, although the router’s name is specified with an id attribute instead of the node name in routes.xml (which makes it a router id)

  3. If you want your module to have controllers you’ll need to work with PHP namespaces, as MagentoCoreAppRouterBase::getControllerClassName returns a controller classname using namespaces.

  4. The controller name is in the form PackagenameModulenameController[Controller Name]. No more controllers folders!

  5. No more controlers folder because the above autoloads from app/code/Packagename/Modulename/Controller/Controllername.php

  6. Base controllers are MagentoCoreControllerFrontAction and MagentoBackendControllerAdminhtmlAction for the frontend and backend. There’s a MagentoCoreControllerVarienAction still lurking around the codebase — don’t use this for your controllers.

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Originally Posted: 12th November 2013