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Last Week in Magento Quickies, July 4th Edition


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Last week on Magento Quickies I posted

  1. A link to my Stack Overflow answer explaining the theme fallback system

  2. Another link, to Ivan Chepurnyi’s roundup of Magento 2 changes for developers

  3. Some musings on changes w/r/t symlinks and phtml block templates, in relation to the forthcoming Magento 1.6 release

  4. A link to Magento Answers, where Ebay’s Magento division tells us what multi-database features mean for our extensions, as wells as some new deprecatedNode abstractions added to config.xml for backwards compatibility

  5. A link to my Stack Overflow answer, on a proposed methodology for using pure javascript to customize the look and feel of the Admin Console

Originally published July 4, 2011

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Originally Posted: 4th July 2011