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Magento Giveth, then Magento Taketh


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I had a client who was using the “store code in URL” feature of Magento throughout their site. This was working well for them, but there were a few URLs where they wanted NO store code, and I was asked to look into it.

Digging deep into the URL generation code, I discovered the <direct_front_name> node.


There was much rejoicing. Putting a front name here ensured links with said front name were generated without a prepended store code.

Then I noticed it didn’t work for about half the links on the site. It turns out the <direct_front_name> feature doesn’t work with URLs generated by store directives in CMS/Static-Block templates

{{store direct_url='always-gets-a-store-code'}}

A bug? A feature? A bug maintained as a feature to ensure backwards compatibility? Two systems developed by engineers who didn’t or couldn’t talk to one another?

In the end we decided on a quick search and replace through the CMS tables and hard-coded URLs.

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Originally Posted: 8th February 2012