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Magento API Service Contracts Parse Interfaces Only


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I’m writing this down so I can remember it later – if you’re not deep into Magento service contracts apologies for the word soup.

When Magento’s parsing doc block’s for parameter types, it’s only looking at interfaces – or possibly its only looking at the type it knows about. i.e. if you have something like this

<route url="/V1/pulsestorm_apitest2/things/:id" method="GET">
    <service class="PulsestormApitest2ApiThingRepositoryInterface" method="get"/>
        <resource ref="anonymous"/>

Magento is going to look at PulsestormApitest2ApiThingRepositoryInterface for the type implementations and not the concrete class you have configuration via di.xml. In other words, if you put your @param int $id in the concrete get methods instead of the interface, Magento wont’ be able to find it will will throw a confusing “No such Class” exception when you try to call your API method.

The key to that exception message is the extra space. Magento goes looking for a type hint, assuming its a class by default (vs. a simple/scalar type like int or string)

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Originally Posted: 4th May 2017