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Magento 2 Varient_Object — no more _construct


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In Magento 2, the base Varien_Object class no longer has a custom, internal _construct method. Blocks, Controllers, Models, Resource Models, and Collections still have an internal _construct, but that’s because the core team defined _construct methods on the various abstract base classes for those objects.

$ ack '->_construct'
160:        $this->_construct();

146:        $this->_construct();

147:        $this->_construct();

49:        $this->_construct();

133:        $this->_construct();

If you’ve created any custom classes with a _construct method that extends from the base Varient_Object class (or one of the many Magento 1 classes that extends from Varient_Object), you’ll need to do a little refactoring for Magento 2.

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Originally Posted: 23rd September 2013