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Magento 2 Vagrant Setups


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Two Vagrant boxes for the newly released Magento 2 beta.

The first is maintained by Rolando Granadino (beeplogic to Twitter folks), and is a fully featured opinionated box, with puppet provisioning, web grind for xDebug profiling, and git submodules for project dependencies.

The second is a lightweight affair from Alan Kent, Magento 2’s current lead architect.

If you’re never used Vagrant before, it’s a program for managing and creating virtual machines from the command line. If you’ve never used virtual machines before, they’re a way to “run” another computer operating system from your main computer operating system. Two virtual computers on one physical machine. Using virtual linux machines is a popular way to manage different software stacks. In other words, you can have one virtual machine with PHP 5.5 (for Magento 2) and another virtual machine with PHP 5.4 (for Magento 1).

You don’t need to use a virtual machine for Magento 2 development, but if you’re going to work on PHP projects with different version requirements, vagrant’s a smart move.

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Originally Posted: 21st December 2014