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Magento 2 Translation Function: Not sprintf compatible.


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Quick heads up if you’re using Magento 2’s __ function to translate strings in your extensions. Magento 1’s translation functions allowed you to use sprintf style replacement tokens.

Mage::helper('module')->__('Hello %s', $string);
$this->__('Hello %s', $string);    

Magento two opts to use a globally accesible __ function.

$translate_string = __('Hello World');    

This new function is not sprintf compatible. It does support replacement tokens, but those tokens are numerical based instead of type based.

$translate_string = __('Hello %1, how are %2', $string, $foo);    

Substitute your own treaties on the appropriateness of sprintf existing in a language that allows you to concatenate any two things together and get a string out the other side automatically.

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Originally Posted: 12th January 2016