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Magento 2: Setup/InstallSchema.php is Required. Sort of.


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Although there’s no documentation stating this, based on system behavior it seems like the


class files are sort of required by a Magento module.

I say sort of required because you can run a module without them. You can use that module to add features to Magento. However, a version number for that module will not be added to the setup_module table unless the InstallSchema class is present.

I discovered this when I tried adding an UpgradeSchema class to a module that didn’t have an InstallSchema. The UpgradeSchema still ran, but calling $context->getVersion()

public function upgrade(
    SchemaSetupInterface $setup, 
    ModuleContextInterface $context

    $version = '[' . $context->getVersion() . ']';
    file_put_contents('/tmp/schema.log',$version . "n",FILE_APPEND);


returned an empty string, as there were no entries for my module in the setup_module table.

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Originally Posted: 23rd February 2017