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Magento 2 Object Manager: Not just for Module Classes


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In Magento 1 there were three “types” of classes which you could instantiate via Magento’s various object factories: Models, Blocks, and Helpers


In Magento 2, all classes are available to the object manager. **This includes classes in lib*. Consider the Dir object we mentioned in the last post.

$object_manager = MagentoCoreModelObjectManager::getInstance();
$dir = $object_manager->get('MagentoAppDir'); 

This object comes from a file in Magento’s lib folder.


In Magento 1 library classes were directly instantiated via PHP. The above would have looked something like this

$dir = new Magento_App_Dir;

The consequences of this? We should be able to rewrite classes in the lib folder without relying on a code-pool override. Which is good, because there are no code-pool overrides in Magento 2.

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Originally Posted: 10th November 2013