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Magento 2: Give your Helpers a _moduleName


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When you’re converting you Magento modules to Magento 2, make sure your helper classes have a _moduleName property.

protected $_moduleName='Packagename_Modulename'

I ran into an issue where the isModuleOutputEnabled method relied on this value being set. If the property isn’t there, Magento will attempt to infer a module name via the helper’s _getModuleName method

protected function _getModuleName()
    if (!$this->_moduleName) {
        $class = get_class($this);
        $this->_moduleName = substr($class, 0, strpos($class, '\Helper'));
    return str_replace(MagentoAutoloadIncludePath::NS_SEPARATOR, '_', $this->_moduleName);

but this method assumes you’ve converted your module to namespaces. For greenfield Magento 2 work, this will be fine — but I imagine most of us will be supporting Magento 1 during the eventual overlap period.

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Originally Posted: 9th November 2013