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Magento 2: Creating a Custom Admin Menu Item Icon


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Two good Stack Exchange answers from Raphael at Digital Pianism covering how to add a custom icon to your Magento Admin Menu Items.

In short – these menu items use a custom font character, defined in svg file that’s (somehow? via LESS CSS?) converted to an embedded OpenType font. This custom font uses the Private Use Area of Unicode to define a custom code point for the new font character. The <li/> of each menu item gets its own CSS class, and that classes uses the content style to set the unicode character as the <li/>’s content.

So, high level, if you want to add your own custom icon you need to

  1. Use a program like IcoMoon to generate an SVG version of the font-character
  2. Create four other font formats (maybe via generation, maybe on your own
  3. Add a LESS CSS rule to include your custom font
  4. Add a LESS CSS rule to add the Unicode character as a content character

I will not be surprised if many extension developers skip all this and end up jamming an image in there instead.

Also, tell me again how being a developer is blue collar/HVAC type work?

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Originally Posted: 9th May 2016