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Magento 2 Checkout Progress Bar


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One other neat thing I noticed about Magento’s 2 checkout is the stylized progress bar involved zero images. The orange lines and step numbers surrounded by circles are 100% driven by non-background image CSS.

The checkmark that indicates the active step comes from the following CSS rules

.opc-progress-bar-item._active > span:after {
    font-family: 'luma-icons';
    content: 'e610';

The e610 is a private unicode character that Magento populates via it’s bananas custom font thing.

The progress features come from a equally crazy feature of CSS I wasn’t aware of – CSS Counters.

.opc-progress-bar-item > span:before, .opc-progress-bar-item > span:after {
    /* ... */
    content: counter(i);
    counter-increment: i;
    /* ... */

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Originally Posted: 12th November 2016