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Macromedia and Adobe


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Unless you live under a rock (or, you know, don’t work in the Design and/or Web field), you’ve already heard about Adobe’s plans to buy Macromedia.

After the shock passed a sense of “uh oh” set in. Adobe’s culture has never been very web friendly, which is part of why Macromedia was able grab the market space they did and make software that was useful to web developers. It’s not unreasonable to see Adobe really messing up Macromedia’s software for the users.

I’m interested in seeing what happens to Director. My IT Degree was based, in a large part, on Director knowledge, and if Adobe was to kill it outright I’d feel a little twinge.

Not that I do much Director work these days.

On the flip side maybe they’ll sell it to someone who could revive the product, and all my ancient Lingo knowledge would become fashionable again. (not holding breath)

It’s definitely a turning point in the Industry, and Yet Another Thing� to worry about.

And licensing will continue to be prohibitively expensive for those of us who like running legal shops.

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Originally Posted: 20th April 2005