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This started out as a snarky post but then I realized how often I need a lookup table like this. What have I become?

Product What it Does
Laravel Passport A composer package to give your Laravel based API OAuth2 features and capabilities.
Laravel Cashier A composer package to simplify Stripe and Braintree’s subscription services in your Laravel application.
Laravel Dusk A composer package for interacting with a handful of browser automation tools (such as Selenium).
Laravel Echo A composer package, npm package, and set of best practices for working with web sockets in your Laravel application.
Laravel Horizon A composer package to add a “redis queue manager” application to your Laravel based application.
Laravel Homestead A vagrant box optimized for Laravel development.
Laravel Valet A homebrew project to setup your Mac for Laravel development.
Laravel Mix Laravel’s system for interacting with modern CSS/Javascript build systems (formerly Laravel Elixer).
Laravel Elixer The precursor to Laravel Mix, a Laravel system for interacting with modern CSS/Javascript build systems (gulp based).
Laravel Lumen Laravel’s “micro-framwork” — a web app routing framework optimized for speed.
Laravel Forge A commercial SaaS for provisioning PHP Servers optimized for Laravel deployments, but usable with any PHP framework.
Laravel Envoyer A commercial SaaS that allows you to easily deploy your PHP (not just Laravel) applicaton.
Laravel Spark A licensed, downloadable, pile of code that gives you a Laravel based “starter app” for creating your own SaaS platform with Laravel.

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Originally Posted: 26th April 2018