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IFTTT Error Logging and the Programmer’s Dilemma


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I noticed my twitter auto-poster stopped working, so I dug up my old IFTTT password, logged in, was greeted by this

image of very basic IFTTT error logging page

and sighed. “A Problem”.

Half the sigh was wondering how anyone thought this sort of error message was useful, and the other half coming from knowing exactly how this sort of error message happens.

So this post is me, trying to diagnose what’s going on with a new post, and mentally doing the math on whether it will take me less time to figure this out or just gin up a quick twitter autoposter.

Update: Using the W3C Feed Validator I discovered the Organize Series plugin was adding an unrecognized namespace to my RSS and the feed’s rel="self" link was pointed at the wrong URL.

These were warnings, not errors, but when I pointed my IFTTT applet at a test feed with these problems fixed, it posted to Twitter. So now I’m left wondering if this was actually the problem or if something on the IFTTT side was broken and my re-saving the applet at the new feed somehow fixed things.

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Originally Posted: 22nd January 2021