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This repository, from the lead maintainer of fastify, crossed my desk recently. It’s a full on example of how you might build a fastify based web service or application. Fastify is a server side web framework for Node.js.

Beyond the obvious usefulness of a reference application, this is noteworthy (to me) because these sorts of references seem few and far between in the server-side javascript world. It’s been my experience that individual Node.js frameworks have excellent documentation — but when it comes to how they’re composed together into a single application it’s still the wild west. Put another way, I have not seen a dominant full stack framework like Django or Laravel in the Node.js world.

The end result is if you’re jumping from Node.js project to Node.js project you’ll find a wide variance in how projects are organized. If I was younger I’d see this as an opportunity to create that full on full-stack Node.js framework. Now I look at the situation and wonder why a full stack framework hasn’t emerged from Node.js land. My main takeaway is to recognize that the first few days in any Node.js project are going to be spent getting my bearings.

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Originally Posted: 7th February 2021