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Headless Ecommerce with Mage … Moltin?


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I don’t have any first hand experience with it, but Moltin’s a new-to-me API Only ecommerce service/start-up. API only meaning there’s no UI, just REST endpoints for you to call and perform the basic operations of any ecommerce system. If you only have shallow knowledge of other open source and commercial ecommerce software you might wonder how something that’s API only is competing with platforms that have a prebuilt UI and an API. If you’ve actually used those APIs you probably don’t wonder that.

It’s closed-source so mostly a curiosity to me. That said, its existence is a testament to how adverse certain sorts of companies are towards running their own backend software, while, at the same time, embracing software for user interfaces. (While Moltin has SDKs for a lot of the major languages, they seemed pretty geared towards mobile and javascript developers).

It would be interesting to take one of their sample applications and reverse engineer a generic implementation of the REST API (for certain definitions of interesting), but I’ll leave that for someone younger.

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Originally Posted: 12th July 2018