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Commerce Bug 3.2.4 Released!


Frustrated by Magento? Then you’ll love Commerce Bug, the must have debugging extension for anyone using Magento. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned pro, Commerce Bug will save you and your team hours everyday. Grab a copy and start working with Magento instead of against it.

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Just a quick note that a new version of Commerce Bug (3.2.4) is out in the world. This release fixes a small bug where the jsTree elements in the KO Scopes tab could interfere with the styling of jsTree elements that core Magento used in places like the Access Control Roles tree. If you follow my feeds on Stack Overflow or Twitter you might have an inkling of the specific problems.

This spring will be Commerce Bugs tenth anniversary, which is a long time for a single piece of software to last. It doesn’t bring in the sort of money is used to, but it is satisfying to see people still using it to get their jobs done.

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Originally Posted: 18th February 2020