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CMocka: Unit Testing C Code


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Coming at C from a “test legacy code first” point of view is tricky. All those neat test framework features for testing code not written under test (i.e. mocks, etc.) rely on a language’s dynamic nature for implementation details.

You don’t get that easily in C, so it was a pleasure to be introduced to the cmocka framework. In addition to being a fully featured unit test framework (pass/fail tests, fixtures, etc.), cmocka allows you to “mock” specific C functions in a particular test suite using the linker’s --wrap option.

I use the term mock loosely here. The system itself is better described as a monkey patching system (replace one function definition with another), but as userland C lacks the concept of an “object with methods attached”, monkey patching serves the same purpose as mock objects in other languages.

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Originally Posted: 22nd November 2017