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Category: Programming Quickies

Back in they day, I ran a Tumblr blog named Magento Quickies where I’d post shorter, less in-depth posts about my travels through Magento’s source code. This Programming Quickies categories is the successor to that Tumblr blog. You’ll find all the old Magento Quickies content here, as well as new short posts about programming in general.

This section has its own RSS feed, the old Magento Quickies feed should should be redirecting, and we’re cross posting notifications for new posts over to In other words, you shouldn’t need to know any of this, but the duct tape that keeps the internet held together isn’t aging well, so your mileage may vary.

Below you'll find all the Programming Quickies articles on the site.

Chrome Redirecting .dev to HTTPS

The latest version of Google Chrome (Chrome 63) will redirect any domain that ends in .dev and .foo to an https URL automatically. It sounds like Google felt they could do this since they bought the entire .dev and .foo global top-level domains (gTLD). I joke complained about this on Twitter before, but it seems like my Chrome finally [...]


No Clear Wins

Two of the biggest mind shifts I’ve had to make in coming back to C programming have been strings and variable scope/lifetime. This Stack Overflow question is a nice encasulation of both. First off — strings aren’t a first class type in C. They’re just a char array of individual characters, with a NULL character as the final [...]


Simulate a cron Enviornment

Debugging cron jobs is one of my least favorite activities. This clever tip over on Stack Overflow shows how to use cron and the env generate the enviornmental variable your system’s cron runs under, which in turn will let you pretend to be the cron job. (This won’t help you if you’re using a PHP system that layers its [...]


Packagist Semver Checker

Speaking of composer and sematnic versioning, here’s a neat web page that will List all the avaiable versions of a particular packagist package Highlight which versions composer will pick when you use a particular set of SemVer characters Useful when you’re chasing down composer dependencies — although this project (as [...]


CMocka: Unit Testing C Code

Coming at C from a “test legacy code first” point of view is tricky. All those neat test framework features for testing code not written under test (i.e. mocks, etc.) rely on a language’s dynamic nature for implementation details. You don’t get that easily in C, so it was a pleasure to be introduced to the cmocka framework. [...]


PHP Meminfo and Memory Leaks

You can’t walk ten steps in this businesses without hearing Engineering is a set of tradeoffs. You rarely hear the other side of that: and sometimes we make the wrong tradeoffs which lead to living with garbage behavior for years. PHP leaks memory like a sieve. By leak we mean during a long running PHP request the amount of memory [...]


Magento UI Components 2017

Campaigning season’s winding down, which means conference season is upon us. Two years after release, Magento’s XML/PHP/HTML/Javascript/KnockoutJS based UI Component System continues to be a topic of regular dissection and drubbing. At the recent Mage Titans conference in Manchester Maria Kern gave a well regarded talk on [...]