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Category: Programming Quickies

Back in they day, I ran a Tumblr blog named Magento Quickies where I’d post shorter, less in-depth posts about my travels through Magento’s source code. This Programming Quickies categories is the successor to that Tumblr blog. You’ll find all the old Magento Quickies content here, as well as new short posts about programming in general.

This section has its own RSS feed, the old Magento Quickies feed should should be redirecting, and we’re cross posting notifications for new posts over to In other words, you shouldn’t need to know any of this, but the duct tape that keeps the internet held together isn’t aging well, so your mileage may vary.

Below you'll find all the Programming Quickies articles on the site.

You Cache is Unzipped

You Cache is Unzipped Magento uses the Zend Framework for database access. The Zend Framework’s database code will cache table schemas so it doesn’t need to do a MySQL DESCRIBE for every model on every instantiation/load/save. These caches exist outside of the Magento caches you can enable/disable via the GUI. I lose a few [...]


Configurable Product Research

Whenever I’m about to tackle a Magento project and/or feature that requires deep knowledge of a new-to-me subsystem, I spend a half-day to a day writing up something like the information below. Sort of an anti-UML, it’s a high level narrative of the relationships between particular objects and systems in Magento. Beyond [...]


Magento Wiki

The public Magento Wiki is a mess of mixed content, but it’s worth subscribing to the RSS feed of recent changes. The more dedicated members of the community tend to keep their articles up to date on changes to Community Edition, and it can sometimes save you from being blindsided when considering a new version.