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Below you'll find all the Magento 2 articles on the site, followed by a chronological listing of the same. You may also browse the 8 series directly via the following links. Magento 2: Advanced Javascript, Magento 2 for PHP MVC Developers, The Magento 2 Object System, Magento 2 and Composer, Magento 2 UI Components, Magento 2: uiElement Internals, Pestle, and, Magento Front End 2020.

Magento 2: Admin Menu Items

In the first article of this series, we described how to create a simple MVC/MVVM endpoint in Magento 2. Implicit, but unstated, was that we were setting up an endpoint for Magento's frontend cart application. While the backend admin application uses the same MVC/MVVM/View


Magento 2 Object Manager Plugin System

We're finally here. After our long path through the object manager, automatic constructor dependency injection, class preferences, argument replacement, virtual types, proxy objects and code generation, we're finally familiar enough with the object system to discuss the true replacement for Magento 1's class rewrites


Magento 2 Object Manager Preferences

Today we're going to explore the "class preference" feature of Magento 2's object-manager/dependency-injection system. While this feature is a direct descendant of Magento 1's class rewrite system, it ends up playing a different role in Magento 2. Where Magento 1's class rewrites were aimed