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BASIC Nostalgia


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I was minding my own business when the internet threw these old “Micro Adventure” books in my face, and I was hit with a flood of old memories. Pre “Hunger Games style” YA books, written in the second person, with basic programs interwoven into the ludicrous-to-adults adventure stories.

That led me down the nostalgia path to Enter Magazine and then the Microcomputer Edition of Basic Computer Games to see if I understood the maze generator any better (I did — that array syntax though), and then stumbled across 10print — a modern book that takes the simple Commodore 64 one line maze generator

10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10     

and uses it to explore the humanities from a number of different angles.

These pre-mainstream-internet artifacts of “programmer’s media” are strange to look back on — programming was soaking in the culture but it hadn’t yet taken on that whole

  1. learn to code
  2. something something
  3. financial success!

formula that dominates media today.

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Originally Posted: 1st July 2019