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In addition to fixing the links in the RSS feed yesterday, I also went back and properly capitalized all my titles. Unlike, say, the New York Times or AP I don’t have a house style, but consistency is important.


Excel Tips

If there’s a bash Microsoft party I’ll be there with bells on, but that won’t stop me from loving Excel. This, of course, is less to do with Excel and more to do with the concept of computer spread sheets, but


“Smart Quotes”

I finally got around to integrating the excelent “SmartyPants” plug-in with this website. Since I use a PHP CMS I hacked together myself, i wrote a little wrapper class for the perl script. If you’re into that kind of thing, the code


Google are S-M-R-T

Google recently introducted another little browser toolbar widget called Web Accelerator. When you go to a page, the Web Accelerator will look at links on the page and, under certain conditions, start downloading the linked pages automatically in the background. Then, if you click


RSS Feed

I've added an RSS feed to this site, in case you care about those kind of things. If your reader is smart it'll auto-detect it. If it's not smart, just use this link. (New articles will have proper excerpts. Maybe)


Applescript Eval

The eval feature found in many modern scripting languages is noticeably absent from Applescript. It has the do script command, but because of Applescript’s screwy (to me) scoping, you can’t call user defined functions from within the do script string.