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If I don’t say something about the Apple/Mac/Intel announcement they’ll take my Mac card away, so here are some random thoughts.

  1. Despite his having predicted this incorrectly, I’ll still take John Gruber over John Dvorak. While Gruber ultimately drew the wrong conclusion, his analysis over the past two years left readers much more informed about the hurdles that will have to be overcome to make this transition a success.

  2. Speaking of those hurdles, the most interesting one to me is Rosetta, the “Emulator” that will enable PowerPC-only OS X applications to run on the new Intel machines. It looks like it’s different from traditional emulators, and if it works as advertised is a monumental technical achievement.

  3. I’m more than a little bummed to see the PowerPC replaced by x86. It’s stupid, but one of the reasons I like Macs is Apple is/was always trying to be better. This is in opposition to the Dells and Microsofts of the world that settle for good enough, (and the huge market share that comes with aiming for the middle). With the usability of OS X itself becoming increasingly balkanized, the loss of the PowerPC is just one more thing where Apple is settling for good enough.

  4. I have a secret hope that Apple has trouble unloading it’s current hardware because of this decision and are forced to slash prices on their PowerPC systems so I can swoop in and buy a nice G5 on the cheap.

  5. Finally, Apple seems remarkably well prepared for the transition, but the first year is going to be rocky. While Apple’s maintained x86 builds of OS X for the past 5 years, those builds aren’t production builds. Software in the lab always works better than software in the wild.

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Originally Posted: 9th June 2005