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Alena Holligan’s “How To Work with Strings in PHP”


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With all the talk of PHP 8, JITs, and copy of a random feature Java’s had for years in PHP there’s a decreasing amount of resources for folks just who are learning PHP at the same time that they’re learning to program.

Alena Holligan’s new article (possibly part of a series?) is a nice bit of counter programming to that trend. It covers the foundational concepts on how strings are defined, escaped, and output in PHP. A perfect primer for folks learning to program or folks who want to know the ins and outs of how PHP does things.

It’s also interesting to note that this is published by Digital Ocean via a freelance market. It’s curious to me that the “small tech” cloud/hosting companies (in other words: not Amazon, Microsoft, Google) have started building their own content sites when, in the past, they benefited from the free publishing that was happening via websites, blogs, or private developer oriented content magazines.

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Originally Posted: 6th March 2021