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A Few Thoughts on the White Paper you’re Sick of Hearing About


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I’m usually not a fan of the whole “release a ‘free’ white-paper to create a list of sales leads and/or social media buzz”. There’s exceptions to every rule though, and the Nexcess Magento Performance White Paper is one of them.

Too often in the Magento Community critical technical information is kept close by service providers as a competitive advantage in a business world where margins are (too often) paper-thin. By releasing this white paper to the public Nexcess has created a map for anyone to scale out Magento into performance sensitive environments.

My favorite bit is the discussion around mod_php and php-fpm, as well as the php-fpm vs nginx benchmarks.

Apache forever.

It’s great to see a smart Magento partner improve their business, and the general Magento ecosystem, by sharing information instead of hoarding it. That’s one the the big reasons I recommend Nexcess for people starting out with Magento development.

That and the affiliate beer money.

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Originally Posted: 11th April 2013