BBEdit PHP Function-Parameter Auto-Complete

A new PHP tool for those discriminating BBEdit users out there.

In the following disk image there’s a Unix filter named PHP Select any php function name in your BBEdit document, run the filter, and the function parameters will be filled in automatically. Omitted from the function list are those PHP features that use object references (such as the DOM functions). These will stay omitted until I’m clever enough to think of a way to deal with them.

Speaking of clever, I’ve also included a modified version of the Daring Fireball BBEdit Select Word script to use with the above filter. After replacing line 1 with a path to your copy of PHP Prototype, invoking the script will automatically select the word at or prior to the insertion point, and automatically run the Unix Filter.

Let me know if you find these at all useful, or if you run into any problems.

Originally published May 25th, 2005