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Category: Programming Quickies

Back in they day, I ran a Tumblr blog named Magento Quickies where I’d post shorter, less in-depth posts about my travels through Magento’s source code. This Programming Quickies categories is the successor to that Tumblr blog. You’ll find all the old Magento Quickies content here, as well as new short posts about programming in general.

This section has its own RSS feed, the old Magento Quickies feed should should be redirecting, and we’re cross posting notifications for new posts over to In other words, you shouldn’t need to know any of this, but the duct tape that keeps the internet held together isn’t aging well, so your mileage may vary.

Below you'll find all the Programming Quickies articles on the site.

There is no sure method except sales_order_save_after, but generally I tend to use sales_model_service_quote_submit_after. It covers opc, api and adminhtml (but not multiaddress). sales_convert_quote_address_to_order covers all, but I don’t like it. Vinai Kopp, when asked What event(s) are you using to “do something” [...]


No Product Images in Admin

Magento Version: We’d just done a simple product import, and everything in the front end of the cart looked fine. There was one problem. When we browsed to the admin, no images showed up in the Catalog -> Manage Products -> Images. It turns out that the catalog/product object has a few redundancies when it comes to [...]